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Fire Damage Frequently Asked Question

  1. How do I get rid of smoke smell?
  2. What furniture can I save/restore?
  3. What company should I use?
  4. How do I get smoke smell off my furniture/clothing?
  5. How do clean my walls?
  6. Is my HVAC system affected?
  7. How do I clean my HVAC system?
  8. How do I dry down my structure?
  9. How do I get rid of the smoke particulates?
  10. Do I need to replace insulation?

Fire damage can cause multiple damage to a persons home. Smoke damage can get into clothing, walls, insulation, flooring furniture, etc. Then there is water damage from the firefighters trying to extinguish the flames. The method used to clean up smoke damage is to wipe the affected materials with a dry sponge. For those who don't know, dry sponges can be bought at local remediation supply warehouse here in Houston. 2 companies that provide these sponges are Atex and Abatix. These sponges have a special chemical that removes smoke damage off hard surfaces and materials. The smell of smoke is extremely hard to remove off furniture. After a good steam clean you need to hire a company to inspect the furniture and see if they could ozone the item. Ozone will literally destroy the particulates causing the smell in the items you are trying to save. Dry sponge, steam clean and ozone are just a few ways of getting your home restored and every situation has its own solution. Call us to further your education. It would be our pleasure.