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HVAC Frequently Asked Questions

When searching for an HVAC company price shouldn't be a factor. The main importance of your HVAC cleaning is that the coils, plenums, ducts, returns, register boxes and vents are cleaned together.  All these components interact with each other and it wouldn't make sense to clean one without the other.  The most common mold found in your HVAC system is Cladosporium and can be cleaned using the proper methods. The ac plenum boxes, ac returns and ac register boxes are usually composed of fiber board are more subject to dirt and mold. The fiber board can be cleaned by hepa vacuuming and sealing in some cases. There are too many different components that can cause a system to become faulty or dirty. Call us to further your education. It would be our pleasure.

  1. Is mold on my ac register affecting my home/residence?
  2. What company should I use?
  3. Is HVAC cleaning a scam?
  4. How often does my ducts have to be cleaned?
  5. Is that mold or dirt on my vents?
  6. Is my ac system causing me to feel this way?
  7. How can I eliminate dust from my house?
  8. Are my ducts hung right?
  9. What is the difference between Media filter and UV light?
  10. Do I need to replace my ducts?
  11. Are my coils clean?
  12. Are my ducts touching?
  13. What should my humidity level be at?