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 Water Damage Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will my insurance cover it?
  2. What company should I use?
  3. How do I dry down my structure?
  4. How long does it take mold to grow?
  5. Where is the leak coming from?
  6. Is my furniture salvageable?
  7. I'm handy, how can I resolve it myself?
  8. Are my floors ok?
  9. Are my cabinets ok?
  10. Is it black water?
  11. Is my carpet salvageable?
  12. Can I save particle wood cabinets/furniture?
  13. What is considered Category 3 water?
  14. What is a moisture meter?
  15. What are good moisture levels?

Water damage must resolved within 72 hrs of the initial contact. Removal of affected materials are important depending on the situation. Exterior wall that are affected through water damage must be removed because these walls are insulated. Particle wood / fabricated cabinets, floors or furniture must be removed if they are not addressed right away because of swelling. Within this time frame fans and dehumidifiers must be installed to bring down the relative humidity and extract the moisture from the contents. It is very important to monitor the structure with moisture meters and hygrometers to ensure proper drying. These meters will detect moisture that you can't feel or see. If the water damage has been sitting for more than 72 hrs mold can form as secondary damage. These are just a few steps to help you restore your home. Call us to further your education. it would be our pleasure.